Well-Being Programs

At NurtureMe we believe that a mother’s health is more than physical. And to become a better mother we need to first focus on ourselves.

Our Well-Being programs are designed to teach practical ways to encourage and support mothers in their day-to-day journey of motherhood.

Kim Cannan

Kim Cannan is a professional musician, composer, music educator and therapist. Her work in music, educational and health institutions has spanned over 30 years.

Kim holds both a bachelor of Music as well as a bachelor of Psychology and  specialises in developing music programs that target mental wellbeing, prenatal health as well as childhood learning. 
Her “Music for the Unborn” program was first introduced during her time as Tutor at the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music. 
Kim  previously worked at the Central Coast Grammar school within the Music department as Tutor, Therapist, Conductor and Composer for 25 years.
Kim is a mother of 5 children and committed to music for wellbeing within the family unit.

Music for a Healthy Pregnancy

 A unique 4 week music program benefiting both the developing baby and mother.

Kim draws upon her many years of experience and study to create peaceful sound environments using the Harp, voice and personalised playlists.

Outcomes of the program;

  • Learn easy skills to settle baby, pre-and post-birth
  • Relaxation through audio parasympathetic pathways
  • Specific techniques to reduce stress during labour
  • Providing the developing child a rich, musical experience
  • Stimulation and enhancement of neural pathways in utero
  • Promoting Parenting confidence through spontaneous music

Music for a Healthy Pregnancy – 4 Week Program $160

Jennine Addison

Jennine has a bachelor’s degree in Education teaching for over 25years. She has been facilitating Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction classes for 8 years along with small group and private Acceptance Commitment Therapy sessions to help people face life challenges with more awareness, balance, calm and resolve.

The Calm Mum – How to Stay Calm in the Chaos

A four-week course taking an honest look at the challenges of being a new parent with simple, helpful ideas to reduce the stress, ease the exhaustion, increase your bond with bub and feel you are living your life fully.

Motherless Daughter’s Sessions

A  two hour class addressing what is not often talked about but so many go through- parenting without a mum. Whether it’s from loss, distance or relationship breakdown, you may be grieving that she isn’t here to help with the demands and joys of parenting.
This class provides a safe and supportive space to acknowledge your deep loss while also giving the opportunity to reflect on your mothers role in raising you, how to bring what you value into your family unit and what you can do going forward to feel more grounded and at peace in your own parenting.

 This class looks at how not having a mum impacts your parenting on so many levels and how to find what is needed within and around you.

The Calm Mum Course – 4 weeks $140
Motherless Daughters Session $40

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