Have you found yourself struggling to come up with a unique gift idea for a baby shower?!

The Ultimate Baby Shower packages from NurtureMe makes it all a whole lot easier and
the value is priceless compared to any toys or clothing you could buy.

Design your own package or organise a collection among friends and family / work colleague’s
‚Äčand allow the new mum to design her own.

Newborn Retreat
Half day Session



The Newborn Retreat gives new parents the opportunity to relax and sleep in a sleep pod while trained baby cuddlers hold the baby. For babies under 3 months.

Baby Massage and MORE Course



5 week baby massage classes which includes learning your baby’s cues and encouraging bonding. Meet other new parents and eat delicious cake too!

1 Hour Pregnancy Cocoon Massage


1 hour Pregnancy Cocoon Massage

1 Hour Pregnancy Cocoon Massage plus SLEEP TIME



1 hour Pregnancy Cocoon Massage with a 30 minute sleep session after massage

After Birth

Remedial/Relaxation Massage


1 hour Remedial/Relaxation Massage

No expiry on any packages.
The recipient can choose any combination she prefers to the $ value you purchase.
A gift voucher will be provided for the new mum-to-be.

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