Deb Sirone

Founder of NurtureMe

The owner and founder of NurtureMe Deb Sirone studied in Sydney and started her business over 30 years ago. Her massage therapy focuses mainly on the nurturing of new mothers through Pregnancy Massage on a unique custom-designed pregnancy massage table, massaging them through the birth and instructing the parents in Baby Massage after the birth.

Deb has been instructing Baby Massage Classes for almost 30 years and has a great deal of experience in the field of improving the bonding and communication between parent and child. Interwoven into the course is the expert advice from other professionals who support mums with postnatal care and Lactation.

Deb was the first on the Central Coast to establish a Post Natal Baby Massage Program in a hospital running the program at North Gosford Private Hospital. She has delivered programs for Women’s Health, Burnside and C4C 2261 Project with the Benevolent Society on the Central Coast and has given “in-services” for nursing staff at Tresillian in Sydney.

Meet The Team

Rebecca Sawatske is a local naturopath who is also trained in remedial and pregnancy massage. Rebecca is partnering Deb with to nurture the mothers of the Central Coast through massage therapy.
Jennine Addison runs NurtureMe’s Well-Being Programs and offers one on one sessions. Jennine also is one of our baby cuddlers for the Newborn Retreat.
NurtureMe also works with the highly qualified Linda Rayment who is an International Board Certified Lactation consultant. Linda has helped countless mothers with breastfeeding.
We have the wonderful Bronwyn who is a world-class baby cuddler and serves the coffee and cakes to our mums and there is Bec, who helps out with the admin and other bits and pieces to keep NurtureMe running smoothly.


I was initially referred to Deb by a friend when I was heavily pregnant and I haven’t looked back! From the moment I met Deb, I felt so at ease and so welcomed in her home, I just knew I’d made the best decision to come to her. Not only are her pregnancy massages amazing, being able to lay on my stomach on her pregnancy massage table while heavily pregnant plus Deb’s beautiful nature made these massages a highlight of each week. I’d walk out feeling like I was on cloud nine!

Amanda R

NurtureMe is my safe haven. As a full time worker and mum to 3 busy children I have learnt that self care is so important.

My regular appointments with Deb keep me balanced and centered- I know as long as go for my regular appointments that everything will be ok. Deb’s massage room is like a home away from home. The ambience of the room is calm and relaxing; the massage table so comfortable that you will want to fall asleep; the hot rock massage completely soothing. You will ‘float’ away refreshed and re-energised. NutureMe Massage is so inviting and professional. Deb’s warm, beautiful smile puts you at ease, and her magical massages are indescribable. Thank you for always being completely wonderful Deb.

Brownyn B

When I signed up to start a baby massage class with Deb, I didn’t really know what to expect. I hoped that it would be a lovely experience for my baby and I to learn how to enjoy the art of massage together, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. What surprised me, however, was that the classes were so much more than just massage. Each week Deb facilitated discussion around topics such as crying, coping with stress, and positive expression and communication with your baby. These discussions were so worthwhile as they taught me valuable coping mechanisms and showed me that I wasn’t alone in the ups and downs of life with a new baby. Deb’s warmth, hospitality, love and concern for each of us in the group was truly beautiful and I just couldn’t wait to attend each class. The tea and delicious homemade cakes were certainly a big draw card as well! My darling baby arrived crying each and every week as he detested car travel, but I was never made to feel guilty or unwelcome with the noise. I have come away from the class with a wonderful set of skills to enjoy massage with my baby (I have found the colic routine particularly amazing) and also with a feeling of “I’m doing a good job!”. Deb will leave you feeling encouraged and supported as a new parent, and that is priceless.

Susan J
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