The Newborn

FIRST of it’s kind on the Central Coast


What are the things you need the most when you have a newborn?

Time out to yourself and of course, SLEEP!

The Newborn Retreat is the first of its kind on the Central Coast offering parents a warm and inviting space where they can enjoy some well earned rest and time out.

Parents can come and spend half the day relaxing while our baby cuddlers hold their baby. Parents can take the opportunity to slip away to one of our relaxation pods to catch up on some uninterrupted sleep, to read a book, journal, or to simply call a friend.

Connect with other parents in the same stage of life over a hot cuppa and some delicious homemade goodies.

You can even add on a post-birth massage to your booking!!

Our focus at the Newborn Retreat is the Mum. Our goal is for mothers to leave feeling happier, healthier, rested and supported. And we do that without feeling the need to give advice. We know how much advice Mum’s are given and how overwhelming that can be at times, so we decided to create an environment where parents can come and simply relax and be told how great they are doing.

Each booking entitles two adults and babies aged 0-5 months old to a half day session at the Newborn Retreat starting at 9am til 1pm, 3 days a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Please Note: All our baby cuddlers are whooping cough immunised, vaccinated and have their working with children check.
Unfortunately the Newborn Retreat does not cater to caring for older siblings.

Newborn Retreat Session $100

Gift Voucher, Perfect for any mum-to-be

See what other mums are saying about

the NurtureMe Newborn Retreat

Cannot recommend the Newborn retreat highly enough! I booked myself in this morning after a couple of sleepless nights with our 10 week old, and after some encouragement from my husband to just take a break for myself. I was hesitant to ask for ‘help’ initially as I felt like I should be coping better seeing as it’s my second baby, but after going now I can see it’s not about that at all, it’s just taking some time for yourself to have a nap, do some work or just relax. What a gift to have someone cuddle your baby for you, thank you Janine! After a 2 hour nap in the little sleep pod I feel like I can handle another sleepless night haha Deb is so great at reminding mums that what we do is hard and we’re allowed to take time for us, and I’m so grateful for her wisdom and encouragement! Would definitely recommend any partners or family members to book it for any new mums in their lives!


Such an incredible experience. The first time since my baby came into the world, I finally feel like I can breathe… guilt free, because while I’m taking time for me, being nurtured, my baby is being cuddled and loved by the most beautiful women.


Wow what a truly wonderful idea and place for mothers on the Central Coast!
Such a warm environment and lovely people. Somewhere to recharge and relax, while your bub is in safe and loving hands. A well-deserved treat for any new mum. Thank you so much for spoiling us both today.


This was a really lovely session, I didn’t know what to expect but really enjoyed it. The price point made it an easy decision to go along but having spent several hours with the ladies and the value I got out of it I really think you should charge more for this session!


My experience was absolutely delightful. I wish I’d come when my newborn was younger so I’d have the opportunity to come again! It was a beautiful, peaceful environment where I felt cared for and could see my Bub was in loving hands. Felt really refreshed just to have that time out which I can’t get at home.


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