Everyone on Insta tells you to find your village, but no one knows where the heck it is!

We all want to find a community who we can do life together with. To be in a place where we are we can relax and feel at home, and be real about motherhood.

Well, It’s here at NurtureMe.

We have had the privilege of seeing beautiful friendships develop through the programs we run at NurtureMe and because you are always telling us that you never want to leave, we have come up with a way that you can keep coming and spend time in our warm, relaxing space, even after you have finished our programs.

So we have created The NurtureMe VIP Membership.

We want you and your baby to have a place where you can gather with other mums, connect and build each other up, offer to hold when your arms are free, support each other on the good and bad days and make sure no one is left out.

By becoming a NurtureMe VIP Member and you get access to all items listed below.

-Access to the NurtureMe space 4 days a week between 9am-1pm (Tues – Fri)
-Tea, Coffee and something sweet to eat
-10% off all NurtureMe Services
-Discounts with partnering businesses (See below for a list of the businesses and discounts offered with more businesses joining us soon)

The VIP Membership is for Mums (or Dads) and for any pregnant mums looking to find her village before bub arrives.

The NurtureMe VIP Membership is $20 per week
Minimum commitment of 6 weeks.
Access to the NurtureMe space is available for babies up to 9 months. You can continue your membership to get access to all the great discounts.

Membership fee is automatically debited weekly. You can cancel at anytime at no cost.
(Limited Memberships Available)

Partnering businesses offering you discounts

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